“One run can change your day,
many runs can change your life.”

This class is not currently open. Please contact to be notified when the class will begin.

So let’s talk running… Running is one of those topics that can cause sheer panic (remember those nasty drills in gym class?), fear (what if I hurt my knee? what if someone sees me? what if a bear eats me? ), and even rebellion (why run around in geeky running shorts when you can lounge on the couch?).

But, in a few people, it brings up a feeling of freedom, power, strength, and adventure.  I have seen many of my past clients go through many different “running sucks” stages, only to find themselves, after some consistency and commitment, in a place where they enjoy it – and maybe even love it.   Now it is a part of their life and culture, making them into adventurous, strong, and healthy individuals. And yes, this could be you! I am passionate about this beginning running program because, while it is true that running may not be for everyone, how will you ever know if you don’t try?  

So why bother? Why run, or even attempt it?  

Here’s a few perks just to name a few: stronger heart, legs, mind, and body, reduced depression and anxiety, reduced hypertension and stress, lowered blood pressure, less chance of heart disease, more energy, longer life expectancy, reduced chance of osteoporosis….I could go on and on, but you get the point. 

On a cellular level, running gives back to our bodies by pumping more blood through the heart,  increasing its rate of beating, therefore increasing the amount of blood being pumped through the body and thus, the amount of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Alveoli in the lungs actually increase in number and allows for greater O2 and CO2 exchange, therefore the body doesn’t need to work as hard at getting the oxygen it so badly needs. (Fun fact: fat burns in the presence of oxygen! – an added bonus!)

On a mental, emotional, and social level, running is the best therapist in town.  There are countless facts I could lay on you about how running decreases anxiety and depression by shifting pathways and balancing neurochemicals in your brain, how it can make you smarter by increasing neurochemicals and neurotransmitters which encourages the brain to build and synaptic plasticity, or simply put, how running with a group of friends through the trails can bring a feeling of community and companionship.   

So what does this have to do with you?  Well, at the least, running may teach you lessons about yourself that you can take into your everyday life, challenging you and encouraging you to grow, and at the most, running may completely change your life and give you a lifelong gift of health, wellness and community!  Learning is always a good thing, and stepping out of your comfort zone even better.  I have coached many people who couldn’t run 30 seconds, but with persistence and commitment could run a 5km at the end of a 6 week session! Some on my past clients continued on to do marathons and are still running to this day.  

My running programs start at the the very base level: walking. We begin by walking with a 30 second jog every 4 1/2  minutes….and building from there.  But since running also requires strength, agility, and balance we spend 20 minutes at the end of each class on our mats strengthening and stretching, aiming to build a strong foundation that can support your body as it learns to carry you through this high impact sport.  All training is done gradually, but consistently, building your body up to become a runner. 

All running is done in the trails around town, because it is so much prettier and the ground is softer and much easier on your bodies than the pavement. 

Come out and give it a try!  Remember you need to be willing and able to commit to the 6 weeks so that your body can adjust with the schedule and so you can reap the best benefits of the program. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me or call!

Your future fellow running mate,