My Element’s regular classes will start Sept 2nd.
Stay tuned for fun random drop in classes that will pop up mid July and August.
You will see those announced on “My Element Health and Fitness” FaceBook page.
Have a beautiful summer everyone and see you in September...If not before!

My Element
Nutrition Philosophy

Roché & Gerrimae are both Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach’s and passionate about focusing on overall health as opposed to focusing only on weight loss.  Nutrition coaching is about encouraging each individual to find a sustainable and realistic approach to life long healthy choices by ensuring the client is receiving all the vitamins and minerals they need for their body to grow, build, repair and thrive.  Gerrimae is all about loving and appreciating food, staying away from good food/bad food mentality, and instead focusing on adding more quality and healthy choices to our everyday lives.  The focus will be on your goals, your needs and what changes make sense for your lifestyle.

Nutrition Coaching

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