Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching + Flex pass
This course: September 16 – December 16 2019

This package includes a 3-month Nutrition Coaching with Roché as well a Flex-pass (12 passes) to any drop-in class at My Element Health and Fitness Studio.  A few group coaching sessions will be scheduled throughout the 3-month period for extra support. 

The 3-month Nutrition Coaching delivers an online program personally to you as well as personal feedback and coaching with Roché. 

Please register for the free information session to help you figure out if this program is for you. 

This program is the first part of a yearlong coaching program on nutritional behaviour change. You will have the option to continue after this program ends. Whether you do or not, these first months are the foundation of change you need and will give you plenty of options to make incredible changes in your nutrition choices and adopt new habits for life. 

-This is not a diet.
-You won’t have to follow rules.
-You will be responsible to take as much or as little action as you feel comfortable with.
If you would like to have more information on what to expect as well as my credentials, please visit this link:

Free Information Session: 5:30 pm Tuesday 3 September 2019 at My Element Health and Fitness Studio
Date: September 16 – December 16 2019
Fee: $280.00 + tax

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Nutrition Philosophy

Roché & Gerrimae are both Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach’s and passionate about focusing on overall health as opposed to focusing only on weight loss.  Nutrition coaching is about encouraging each individual to find a sustainable and realistic approach to life long healthy choices by ensuring the client is receiving all the vitamins and minerals they need for their body to grow, build, repair and thrive.  Gerrimae is all about loving and appreciating food, staying away from good food/bad food mentality, and instead focusing on adding more quality and healthy choices to our everyday lives.  The focus will be on your goals, your needs and what changes make sense for your lifestyle.