Iron 'N' Oar

“Don’t just train for something as unreliable as weight loss…train so you can kick ass at life!” – Me

Iron N Oar Powell River

Strength/ Cardio training are areas that are very easy to neglect, because let’s face it, we know it’s going to get uncomfortable in a lot of ways!  All that work pushing, pulling, lifting, sweating can feel a little overwhelming…. and for what?

Well, so you have a better quality of life, actually.  Because when you have strength in your legs, your core, your back, and your arms you can DO STUFF!  You can move that massive chair without straining your back, you can pull someone out of an emergency situation, you can pick up your 5 year old grandson when he wipes out on his bike…heck you may even be able to pick up the bike as the same time if the situation calls for it.

You get my point.  Life is hard enough as it is! It feels good to get those muscles doing the work they were created to do and get things done. It makes you just that much more capable and less likely to get injured in the days to come.

Our heart, obviously, is a very important and crucial muscle, and needs just as much attention as everything else, if not more.  Enter the rowing!  Rowing is a fantastic and low impact way to boost your heart rate and have some fun doing it.  The rowing is set to music to make it fun and motivating and will be approximately 50% of the class depending on the needs of the class. 

My Iron N Oar is a fun well balanced class for any level of fitness and I have many modifications for each exercise so that each individual can be challenged at their own level.   The small classes feel safe and there is never a feeling of “having to keep up.

My Iron N Oar class is a mix of body weight, free weights, bands, and balls, focusing mainly on compound exercises (exercises involving more than one muscle group). We will be on and off the rowing machines throughout the class to keep our heart rate up. Through this kind of muscle “multitasking,” we can efficiently get a lot of work done in a 45-50 minute class!

Concept 2 Certified Rowing Instructor - Powell RIver

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