Meet Gerrimae

My Element Fitness Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach


Gerrimae Sepkowski is a certified Concept 2 Rowing Instructor.

Our Philosophy

“I am in my element.”

The idea behind My Element is exactly that. We hope when you come into our space, or join us on a trail, you will say to yourself, “I am in my element.” My Element is a place where you can finally feel at home, relaxed and safe, and where you can share smiles and stories with each other while getting healthier and stronger at the same time.

We see you. We understand some of you may have fears, insecurities, anxieties about exercise and/or food. Some of you may have carried a lot of pain, shame, guilt, trauma or misunderstandings throughout your life surrounding these areas. Your body has carried you through an endless journey of growth, repair, and healing, and has kept you alive despite it all. It is worth all the love and respect you can offer. We are passionate about walking with you through the maze of nutrition and fitness as you strive for change and growth. You are not alone, and we will be so proud of you every time you walk in the door because we know you have had a long journey getting here.

Our classes are small, ensuring focused attention from your trainer, as well as providing a fun, relaxed, and casual atmosphere. We will teach you skills and exercises that are easy to do at home using body weight or simple equipment, so your workouts can move beyond the walls of the gym. We also provide personal training, or small group training (2-3 people) for those who want a good solid one on one start.

We also offer nutrition coaching, which is just that: coaching! We want to coach and encourage you to be your healthiest with what you are comfortable with, what suits your life, what is realistic and, most importantly, what is sustainable. It is never going to be about losing weight in X amount of days here, or eliminating food groups and having you dread your meals. Instead, we encourage a gentle, slow approach, building healthy habits that will keep you strong and vital for years to come. It’s about getting the nutrients your body needs to feel top notch and about loving and appreciating food and all it has to offer us. Our nutrition program is about building life skills, stress reduction, being mindful, becoming the healthiest and happiest version of you. It is about waking up in the morning with a bounce in your step….FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. No fads, no restrictions, no food shame, no bad food/good food mentality. Only the best choices and balance with real food and all food groups, ensuring you are getting all the vitamins and minerals you need for your body to grow, repair, build and thrive.