The rowing class is appropriate for every fitness level, it’s easy to catch on to, is a great stress reliever, and works most all muscles groups in the body.

Rip N Row

“We will be pulling out the TRX, bosu’s, kettle bells, and other fun stuff to take your training to the next level.”

Iron N Oar

A mix of body and free weights, bands and balls, with the rowing machines throughout the class to keep our heart rate up.

My Element Fitness was made with you in mind.

Our programs include nutrition coaching, running, hiking, rowing, core strength training, and yoga. All are customized to fit your needs and designed to get you fit and healthy! My Element is a safe place for you to pursue your individual health and fitness goals. It is about you. Your health, your program, your journey. 

Learn more about our philosophy on fitness and healthy living.

Personal Training

One of my favourite things is to be present when someone has done something they thought was out of their reach for the first time – when they’ve just accomplished something that they never thought they’d be able to do.

My Element Fitness creates personal plans based on your goals and needs. We incorporate thorough health and exercise evaluations with strength training, cardio, and nutrition coaching. You provide the determination and commitment and together we will produce inspiring results.

My Element Fitness - Powell River - Nutrion Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

“A Nutrition Coach is like a tour guide to a place where you already live.”


We look for strengths and opportunities for success.


What is the “big picture” for you? Dreams? Goals?


We look at how you define and think about good nutrition.


We teach skills for living a consistently healthy lifestyle.


We help you take meaningful action in your own life.


Small, fun, and motivating classes; from rowing, running, and hiking to core strength training and yoga.


“Gerrimae’s beginning running program introduced me to running and it has since become a passion of mine. I was so nervous to start, and thought I would just get shin splints like I had 20 years prior when I ran. She started us out so gradually, and through her encouragement and training, I have now ran the Vancouver, Boston and New York City Marathons and am in the process of training for my second Marathon Shuffle. I never would have been able to do any of it, or see any of the magnificent trails that our area has to offer, without the support and encouragement of Gerrimae.”

Christine B.

Beginning Running

“I’ve participated in a variety of Gerrimae’s classes and what stands out about them is I always enjoy myself. Gerrimae has a talent for making her workouts so much fun that it doesn’t feel like “work”, yet you feel & see results! Her vast knowledge of balanced health & well-being is also a valuable bonus!”

Tara A.

Various Classes

“I have been fortunate to take many of Gerrimae’s fitness classes in the past. Her generous spirit and positive attitude make her classes a pleasure to go to. Not only will you get a great work out that focuses on a healthy lifestyle, you will also reap huge benefits from the fun and laughter that is shared.”

Shelley C.

Various Classes

At My Element, we will answer any questions you may have about fitness and health to the best of our ability.  We strive to answer your emails and phone calls as soon as possible. Email us with the form below or call 604-414-4133.